Terms & Conditions
1. General
We reserve  the right to change or or discontinue without prior notice the ranges listed in the price book as well as the prices. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in this respect, and shall reject any claim for compensation. All orders are to be by fax or email transmission, no verbal orders will be considered. All dimensions stated are subject to change.

2. Prices
The prices in this price list include GST. The published  prices are only Recommended Prices. Whenever the clients requests that the goods are dispatched in special packaging, the cost of such packaging will be added to the receivers account.

3. Shipment
On receipt of the goods, the receiver must check the content of the parcels, list and advise possible discrepancies. We are not responsible for any delay due to the carrier. The receiver has only 2 days to notify us of any damaged or missing stock from date of receipt.  Each and any orders may be sent orders may be executed through partial deliveries. Orders which do not specify a any  delivery date will be shipped as promptly as possible. Delivery dates stated will only be classed as an indication and we shall not accept any claim or will not allow any compensation in case of delay or partial shipment.
Delivery charges apply to orders below the minimum order amounts.

4. Product Care
All Tapware should only be cleaned with using water, neutral soap  and a non abrasive cloth. In areas with high levels of lime in the water, the surface must be well dried after use, especially for gold, bronze and nickel finishes. Do not use abrasive products nor acid detergents. If lime proportion in water is higher than average, it is advised to use a decalcifying agent or other specific filters, otherwise constant maintenance is fundamental

5. Manufacturer’s Warranty
Arcorp Enterprises Pty Ltd will repair or provide a replacement  free of charge any part or products purchase, which becomes defective during the guarantee period. Repair or replacement of the product will be at the sole discretion of Arcorp Enterprises Pty Ltd. We reserve the right to replace the defective part or product with a similar part or product in current production, provided that such replacement part of product is of similar quality.


1. Documentary proof of purchase must be provided.
2. The  guarantee expires on the anniversary of the purchase date.
3. Goods are to be used only for the purpose it is designed for.
4. Installation instructions must be clearly followed.
5. Warranty extends to products purchased in Australia only.
6. The guarantee is limited to the original purchasor and is non-transferable.


1. Damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, negligence, alteration, use of abrasive cleaners or misuse.
2. Damage during shipment except where transport charges are inlcuded in  the pricing.
3. Damage to returned goods while under the care of the customer or the customers agent.
4. Labour costs not expressly authorised by Arcorp Enterprises Pty Ltd in writing, including cost of installation, un-installation, consultants cost or Technical advisors.
5. Light Bulbs
6. Damage caused by unauthorised repairs or use of non-standard spares.
7. Damage caused by impurities in pipes, inlcuding hard water.
8. Possible imperfections, which are par t of the characteristics of the materials.
9. Claims for consequential damage and liquidated damages.

Download terms and conditions product warranty info here.
Download merchant warranty request form here.