With so much bathroom design to choose from, there’s nothing like a personal touch to make your bathroom renovation stand out. Scarabeo’s decorative finishes from Paco Jaanson provide an ideal addition to any opulent bathroom renovation, letting you customize your bathroom basin to suit your personal style. Featuring eye-catching metallic foiling, these patterns can add flair to any bathroom with their intricate detailing and special design options. With statement bathroom basins becoming an emerging trend in 2019, these designs are a great way to jump on board in an elegant style.

Metallics are making a comeback in 2019 – especially gold finishes. Each basin is made from glazed ceramic that is fired snow white. Bathroom renovators then have the option of adding the decorative feature which comes in a number of intricate patterns, from lace detailing to a floral design. Overlays come in the colour options of platinum, gold and silver to suit whatever colour scheme you’ve chosen for your bathroom design. After the pattern and colour have been chosen they are then sealed on the basin before being fired again to finish the piece off.

Scarabeo Fuji
Globe-like shapes make for an unusual bathroom basin collection