The charm of Moroccan design has made its appearance into many home renovations around Australia. Inside Moroccan inspired homes you’ll find a sea of colour, texture and bold design choices. Encapsulating all of these qualities is the latest bathroom collection at Paco Jaanson. Bocchi Mandalina is designed for bathroom renovations, where home renovators are looking to channel a Moroccan palette. Mandalina features a bathroom vanitytop basin and accompanying toilet made from ceramic. And for those looking to push the theme further, the extended collection offers a butler’s sink for the kitchen renovation. Earthy tones are the fundamental base for Moroccan inspired home decoration, derived from the iconic designs of Marrakech. These colours work perfectly on large artworks and fixtures or smaller scale fittings and accessories. Oranges and pinks pair nicely with browns, turquoises and golden tones, meaning that mixing this palette in a modern bathroom renovation is simple. Bocchi Mandalina shows how global trends can be brought into the bathroom makeover just by updating fixtures and fittings. Bursts of bright colours aren’t just for the courageous but for any design minded home renovator.

The clock is ticking if you want to get your house looking its best for the festive season